Pedalinx bike shop is where Brampton’s bike headquarters.


Our cycling experts will take the time to help you pick the right bike whether you’re heading out onto one of the 126 great cycling routes around Brampton or are just going to be enjoying leisurely rides along our beautiful neighbourhood streets. Before you buy the bike you want to hit the gravel, grass, dirt or pavement, take it out for a test drive right behind our store. Our convenient location in retail plaza means have a quiet laneway behind out store – not to mention lots of free parking and easy in and out access.

Bike tune ups, repairs and more.

We don’t just sell bikes, we also service them … even if you didn’t buy from us! If your bike has been sitting indoors all winter long, your brake pads need replacing or your chain looks rusty, head to Pedalinx. The 3 full time experts in our service department offer 3 different bike tune-up packages, repair flat tires, make brake adjustments and provide bike overhauls. Your bike is an investment, so be sure to take care of it with annual tune ups to make sure yours is in top shape for biking season.

Click the map for directions
Brampton bike shop
Click the map for directions
Brampton bike shop

Gear up with the latest cycling apparel.

If you’re serious about biking, you need to look the part (and even if you’re not, you can still look great and be comfortable). That’s why we stock all the latest in tech gear designed for the top of your head, down to the bottom of your feet. We have a huge selection of helmets for kids (Adults too!), eyewear and gloves. We carry cycling shirts, jackets, bike shorts, tights and pants that wick away moisture and all the base layers you need for those times when the mercury dips. We also carry a jaw-dropping best selection of cycling shoes, mountain bike shoes and spinning shoes – for those who prefer to stay stationary on their bikes.


Pedalinx is home of the $10 flat repair.

Have you heard about our $10 flat repair (inner tubes extra)? Our speedy tire changes at this shockingly low price has Brampton cyclists flocking to us from all over. Our 3 full time mechanics work at warp speed to get you in and out and on your way as quickly as possible. While you wait, take a few minutes to browsing through our amazing selection of everything bike-related!

Trendy bike accessories to serious bike components.

Looking for a trendy new bell, lights, a pannier, saddle, helmet or lock? Come check out our awesome selection of the latest and greatest. You’ll also find just about every kind of bike component you could possibly need to upgrade or replace something on your bike: we have cranksets, shifters and brake levers, derailleurs, cassettes and freewheels and so much more.

Not sure what you need to make your ride that much better? Talk to the cycling pros at Pedalinx!



Cycling in Brampton

Nicknamed the Flower City, this suburb of the Greater Toronto Area boasts a rather sunny climate for a number of months. Brampton also boasts about 4,000 acres of park reserve. Large parks and sunshine makes this Toronto suburb one of the best cities in Canada to be out on a bike and enjoying the scenery while getting healthy.

The Rewards of Cycling

Many articles have touched on the virtues that cycling offers, but it is still worth mentioning!

The first being physical well-being. How else can anyone increase their heart rate, do cardio exercises and get their large dose of vitamin D except when riding a bike? Not only is there a personal benefit, there is an environmental benefit too.

Using a bike, you also contribute to decreasing the carbon footprint a person produces. This means lesser carbon monoxide, lower emissions and thus decreasing the greenhouse effect.

Finally, the reward in cycling is enjoying the moment as one pedals on their way to and from each destination. The biker enjoys the scenery, instead of just whizzing by in their cars.

Other benefits include low maintenance and costs for transportation, no monthly bills and getting the work in for the body.

The Community That Bikes Together Stays Together

One of the projects of the city is the creation of the 40 km Brampton Cycling Loop. This infrastructure project is one of the foundations of the city clearly pushing its residents to be more bike friendly.

Another project is the Annual Bike to Work day sponsored by the City Government in conjunction with the Downtown Brampton BIA. These initiatives, alongside many others have made the city of Brampton achieve bike friendly status. There are other annual events held specifically promoting and supporting biking in the city.

Amongst the top community groups is the Brampton Cycling Club. One of the oldest cycling clubs in the region, this community of cycling enthusiasts seek to expand their goal of making cycling a part of their daily lives.

Our Share in the Cycling Community

With cycling clearly enshrined in the fabric of the community, Pedalinx is part of that cycling community building. Our role is providing top of the line bicycles, from the beginner to the serious cycling enthusiast. Our store is open to all with our inventory well stocked on the both the earlier models as well as the newer ones. Our expert staff are available to provide the individual biker advice and guidance on what upgrades can be done depending on the use of the bike. Not only that, we offer stylish and cost effective apparel as well as other safety gear for use while on the road.

Pedalinx for Brampton

Brampton and biking are two sides of the same coin. Pedalinx seeks to become part of that community-wide initiative! Not only does cycling help the body, it also helps the community. Cycling is also a major thrust in the daily life of Brampton residents, with the city government going all out to support this.

At Pedalinx, we are fully committed to provide the Brampton community riding public the best possible equipment, from wheels to helmet, for use to achieve these goals.

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