How to fix a bike tire puncture without fancy tools

How to fix a bike tire puncture without fancy tools

  • A sunglass strap or a shoelace 
  • A pump 
  • A can-do attitude!

Find yourself with a flat in the middle of nowhere? Here’s what to do:

  1. Get the tire off the rim. You need to get the punctured tube out of your tire, so flip the bike. Break the tire bead by grabbing the tire and pinching it from both directions. Work your way around the tire by pushing the beading into the centre of the rim.

  2. See where the hole in the tube is. Pull out the tire tube, leaving the area around the valve in place. Pump some air into the tube and listen/feel where it is escaping. Feel to see if there’s anything that caused the puncture that should be removed.

  3. Fix the puncture. Options: You can tie a knot to isolate the puncture. Or use your sunglass strap or shoelaces to create a tourniquet around the hole.

  4. Check it. Pump a little air into the tube to make sure the repair is holding. Push the tube back into the tire and put the tire back on.

  5. Put the tire back on. Put your tire in position around the rim. Use your thumbs to press the edge of the tire over the rim, working one side, then the other. Towards the end will be toughest, but if you push, the tire should pop back on. Ride slowly home to avoid damaging your rim.

  6. Get your tire properly repaired at your local bike shop. Pedalinx Bike Shop offers rush tire repairs to get you back on the trails quickly.

Of course, tire levers and a patch kit would have made that puncture repair a breeze, and they’re available at just about every Toronto bike store. But if that’s not your thing, maybe this is: CAA Members get complimentary CAA Bike Assist with their membership. Get repairs on the spot or transportation for you and your bike to wherever to need to go – it just counts as a roadside assistance call.

Don’t let the thought of a puncture stop you… get out there and keep biking!

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