Indoor Bike Trainer Benefits 

Indoor Bike Trainer Benefits

There are social cycling platforms that will allow you not meet up with friends & meet new cyclists with the same abilities to help motivate each other, these include popular online/offline applications Zwift & Rouvy.  

Low impact on the body

The indoor bike trainer has a low impact on the body, even pros like Mike Woods recovering from cycling crash injuries use the indoor bike trainer as part of their recovery workout.

Weather all year round

Raining outside? Snowing? or High winds? You need not worry anymore. With a indoor bike trainer, you have predictable conditions to workout in. No excuses for not being able to workout.

Build your mental & physical endurance

You will be able to increase your mental endurance. Yes, I know that riding in one spot for 45 minutes more be monotonous, but it actually helps you focus on the task at hand. You are more focused on timing, breathing, control, pain and everything which comes with cycling. Compare this to outdoor cycling where you are concerned with safety, enjoying the scenery or simply chatting with a friend.

Indoors, you are more focused on your sports psychology techniques and you can actually control your breathing pattern better in order to reduce tiredness.

It takes less time

Workout in your home saves time to travel to a gym. Riding indoors allows non-stop training. More importantly, no coasting, so you need to constantly pedal allowing you to get a full value from your time. A 2 hour workout on the indoor bike trainer is worth 3.5 hours of outdoor bike training.

Great cardiovascular exercise

A recommended cardiovascular workout, you only need a moderate-intensity workout on the indoor bike trainer for 30-60 minutes five times a week.

Compared Others Workout Equipment

If you have limited space you can easily fold away a trainer and place into a storage area in your home when not in use, or you can build your own PAIN CAVE with the trainer as a focus of the room. 

Pedalinx Bike Shop have many types of bicycle trainers which include Magnetic resistance, fluid resistance, smart trainers, direct drive or wheel-on. All at different price points from different manufactures. Review our options and if you have any questions please call us for more information. Contact Us - Stay positive! We will get through this.


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